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Let's Get Growing!

Congratulations on your new grow kit!

Let's have some fun!!
Please read all instructions before starting!

  • Open top of  box and remove the accessory kit (water spritzer bottle and humidity tent) now close that box back up.

  • Carefully remove the perforated window from the front of the box.

  • You are now looking at your grow bag that contains an inoculated sawdust substrate. The growth you see is the mycelium, the vegetative body for fungi that will produce mushrooms.                                        

  • Lay your box down with window face up.                                               

  • With a sharp knife or razor blade, carefully cut about a 1-inch "X" in the plastic right in the middle of the window. Trust us, 1 inch is all you need!


  • Most people make the mistake of cutting the "X" too Big. In this case BIGGER is NOT BETTER!!!                   

  • Remove the block from the box and lay block "X" side down in a tub of cool water for 4-6 hours.                    

  • Remove block from the tub and drain off any excess water, dry with paper towel before placing back in box.

  • Stand box back up & fill the spritzer bottle with tap water.

  • Spritz that X with your water.

  • Open your humidity tent which is a plastic bag with vent holes at each corner. Make sure holes are open and spritz the inside of bag with water.

  • Place humidity tent loosely over box. (your mushrooms need air flow and humidity to grow properly)

  • Place your grow kit OUT of direct sunlight and in the most humid part of your home. Next to the kitchen sink works well. You can set it up in your bathroom if you like, as well. 


  • 4-6 times a day spritz the "X" you made and also spritz the inside of the humidity tent. 


  • Pins, which are wee baby mushrooms, usually form in 7-10 days. Once the pins start to form you can remove the humidity tent (save the tent).

  • Continue to spritz around the mushrooms not directly on them. If a little overspray does get on them that's fine. We just don't want to oversaturate them.

  • Now the really fun part!!  Mushrooms grow quickly!! They will double in size everyday! This is a great time to set up a time lapse video and watch these babies grow. Set it up overnight. Trust us it will not disappoint!!! 

  • You will be harvesting your mushrooms in about 5-7 days after you first see pins. Harvest before the caps flatten out and become concave. 

  • TO HARVEST: use both hands to get behind that cluster & pull and twist the entire cluster off the block. ​Some substrate will be attached to the base of the cluster, which can be trimmed off.


  • Grab your spray bottle and humidity tent and start process all over again. You can get a second and possibly a third flush out of your block depending on the nutrients left.  You can use the same spot or tape over it with packing or duct tape and cut a new "x" on the back side. Soak block in water again for a few hours and start the process over. 

Now let's cook these beauties! 

  • Remove any substrate that is attached to the cluster with a knife or kitchen shears.

  • Looking for cooking instructions? BOOM!

  • You can eat the stems and caps but some people prefer the caps only.



We'd LOVE to see how your home shroomery is going! Send us your videos and photos and we may just feature you on our website or social media!


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