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Garlic Butter Oyster Mushrooms

There are few things that just go together better than garlic, butter and mushrooms! And this simple recipe from Spend with Pennies lets the flavor run wild!

Ingredients & Variations

OYSTER MUSHROOMS: They are not always that easy to find in the supermarket (ask the grocer if you don’t see them), but I do often get them at the farmer’s market in the summer. Or try and grow some with an at-home mushroom kit.

Garlic Butter: The mushrooms are cooked in a very simple and small amount of sauce. A little bit of butter, some soy sauce, garlic, and olive oil. Nothing too complicated, but this dish is so flavorful.

VARIATIONS: Use shiitake or even cremini mushrooms as a substitute for the Oyster. Add your favorite savory spices or seasonings!

How to Make Fried Oyster Mushrooms

  1. Wipe the mushrooms clean with a damp cloth if needed. Trim any woody stems.

  2. Heat a pan with olive oil. Toss mushrooms with soy sauce (per the recipe below) and cook until lightly browned on one side.

  3. Push mushrooms to the side. Add butter & garlic and cook until tender and fragrant. Add herbs if desired.

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