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Mushroom based spice rubs.... Get the 411 here!!!

Let's talk all things mushroom based spice rubs, shall we? There are several unique characteristics compared to the common rubs or spice blends you normally have

available to you. Our recipe starts with a base of dehydrated mushrooms that we grow right here at A Tip of the Cap Mushrooms!! The savory umami flavor and texture this adds to your vittles is exceptional!! As the food cooks the moisture rehydrates the mushrooms adding a layer of texture and of course flavor to the dish!! The additional spices in our unique blends complement the mushrooms to elevate the flavor even more. If you have ever looked at the ingredients in most run of the mill spice blends then you know that salt is more often than not the first ingredient with a few other spices mixed in. We use very little salt in our blends!!!! You can add our spice blends to just about any dish!! We suggest beef, chicken, vegetables, eggs, pasta and soup!! Our spice blends are now available in our online store!! Thank you for supporting our business, it is truly appreciated!!


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