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Image by Christine Siracusa

About Us

A Tip of the Cap Mushrooms is a family-owned business located in Bristolville Ohio.  The mushrooms are grown in our brand-new state of the art facility located in … our basement!  The facility includes a lab, incubation room and climate-controlled fruiting room, perfect for our mushrooms to thrive in. There is never a need for any pesticides, fertilizers, or artificial agents in our growing process. 

Meet the behind-the-scenes team

While most of the time these adorable wiggle butts couldn't care less about the mushrooms, they absolutely make every day more fun. Meet Alton & Olive. The babies. The big kahunas.

This brother and sister duo never ceases to bring a smile to our face and fill the day with their furry antics.

See more of their hijinks here.

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